Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

There honestly isn't much to tell you about this weekend.  The biggest news of the past week is that after having some serious car problems including a blown head gasket and TWO flat tires in the past month, Michael traded his car for this work truck!  It was a necessary purchase we put off too long.  With his shop he needs something to carry supplies and this is perfect!
Friday afternoon Nicholas's school called and he was running a low grade temp, thrown up twice (once all over a teacher), and had a round of diarrhea.  I went to get him and we came home and just crashed on the  couch watching DVR'd Disney cartoons.  I knew it couldn't have been feeling good to just be happy and content watching TV on the couch!  He didn't have anymore issues that night, thank goodness!  However, Daddy did come home with one more purchase Friday night.  Since I've known Michael I've heard about the infamous Golden Tee machine his friend Dan has and that one day he just HAD to have one too.  Well, lucky for me (haha!), Dan was looking to sell it.  Guess who bought it...
Saturday Nicholas was feeling better, but still not acting 100% himself, so we skipped Little Gym and spent the day running errands.  Michael went to his friend Micah's bachelor party and Nicholas and I had dinner with my parents.  We were gone from 10:00 am - 9:00 last night.  It was a busy day!

This morning Nicholas and I slept in, but when we did get up Nicholas had his first bites of Dunkin Donuts!  YUM!
We spent the rest of the day cleaning out his dresser and closet, doing laundry, and cooking meals for the week.  I thought this was cute.  He posed when I got him out of his highchair from having a snack that involved an Oreo! Haha!