Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainy Saturday Fun

Today was a very, very rainy, cold day in Chattanooga, but we decided to make the best of it anyway.  I had planned all week to go back to JBF this morning for the last day/half off presale from 8-10am, so the boys rode with me and stayed in the car while I shopped for a few minutes.  I ended up with three sleepers, two Carter's rompers, and a pair of almost new New Balances for $14.20!!! I love getting good deals on Nicholas's clothes!
Someone isn't too sure what think about his new shoes
Nicholas slept for about an hour and a half in the car while I shopped and on the way home, so he was ready to play at full speed!  This picture should give you an idea of how the rest of our morning went! Ha!
We knew if we were going to stay sane and make it through the day with this wild boy, we needed to go somewhere fun that he could get some energy out at.  We are very fortunate to have a very family friendly city.  About fifteen years ago a museum for children opened and it is awesome, so we decided to use a coupon we had and try it out.  Inside there was a special area just for children under four.  Inside that area was another special place just for kids 17 months and younger. Nicholas loved it!
His favorite part was probably the garage and the red convertible inside!  We think he might be practicing washing cars!  Haha!
 He also enjoyed the dog house and stuffed puppies.
 The infant garden is the part geared for young babies.  It was perfect!  It was all soft and had a lot of great ways to explore new things.  He especially loved the slide!

 We also walked around the museum because Michael had never been there and wanted to look around. They played some instruments in the music room.
 Seeing the dinosaur exhibit.

 Nicholas thought the magnetic exhibit was pretty cool.  He was fascinated with the lights on the inside.
We were there about an hour and it was fun.  It is always fun to watch him explore new things and to play hard.  Mommy and Daddy were starving by that point, so we went over to Hixson to Buffalo Wild Wings and played some trivia and ate lunch.  Nicholas hung out in his stroller and just people watched.  Daddy also let him have his first taste of water from a straw.  Ha!
We are just having a quiet night in tonight and enjoying each other.  It is very stormy and pretty cool out, so we have had chili and now watching some TV.  It is supposed to rain pretty much all week, so not sure what tomorrow will bring.