Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doctor's Day 2011

Today is Doctor's Day and it is the day where you get to thank your doctors for all that they do!  I am very blessed to work for two wonderful surgeons that are not only very gifted, excellent surgeons, but also great men.  Dr. Barker and Dr. Smith are nothing but great to work for and I am honored to be their nurse.  God blessed them both with a talent to help people when they are critically ill or injured and it has been amazing to watch them work.  He gave them skills to create new ways to care for those patients and in turn save many lives.  They work sometime 36-48 hours without going home.  They miss important moments in their own lives to make sure those that are hurt or sick get the care they need.  I rarely see them recognized for what they do and believe it or not, rarely thanked for what they do.  That bothers me a lot when I know how hard they work and the time they spend doing it.  So, please, next time you see a physician, not just today, say thank you!  It means more than you know!