Friday, October 29, 2010

Pony Rides and Rocktoberfest

We had such a fun Fall weekend last weekend! On Saturday while Michael attended the UT/Alabama game while sitting in a skybox, Nicholas, Gigi, and I attended the Fabulous Miss Lauren's second birthday party.  We had so much fun!  It was an Ariel party, but also featured a super cute petting zoo. 
I have laughed so hard over the past week at how much Lauren LOVED the chickens!  I mean look at her!  She held one of the two chickens for an hour!  It was hilarious!  This girl has no fear and I love that!
Nicholas meeting the baby goat.  He was mesmerized at the animals.  He seemed to really like the bunnies and goat best.
 Gigi held Nicholas while he went on his first pony ride!  He LOVED it!  He just kept looking at it and saying "ohhhhhhh, ahhhhh".  So cute!!!!
 The world's cutest baby and I
Nicholas and Baby Zachary meeting.  Zachary is only seven weeks older than Nicholas.  They seemed to like each other!   His older sister, Riley, is one of Lauren's BFFs.
 The birthday girl and her SUPER cute cake that the talented Becky made.  We love Becky and her cakes and can't wait to see what she comes up with for Nicholas' fourth month cake!
As soon as she blew out her candle, she grabbed a cupcake and took off!  I found her sitting alone and licking her icing!  This girl cracks me up!  We had so much fun at the party and we were so glad we got to come!  It was a great party for Nicholas' first birthday party experience!  I can only imagine how many more parties we will be attending in the future!

Sunday was a beautiful day here in Chattanooga!  It was 75 and sunny, perfect!  For those of you who may not know, our city is surrounded by mountains and one of my favorite places in the entire world (and that includes my favorite city of London, England) is Rock City on Lookout Mountain.  My Nana used to take me there when I was little and Michael and I love to go up there at Christmas for their "Enchanted Garden of Lights".  We bought annual passes that will allow us to visit anytime we want, any day of the year!  I am so excited to get to take Nicholas to my favorite local place!  In October they have "Rocktoberfest" every Saturday and Sunday with German food, beer, and music.  It was so much fun!

Rock City isn't stroller friendly at all, so we babywore for the first time.  It was a hit!  Nicholas loved it!  Here they are at "lover's leap".  From there you can look out and "see seven states" (what Rock City is best known for).  You can see downtown Chattanooga in the far left corner of this picture.
 Happy Baby blowing raspberries, his new favorite trick!
 Ok, let me first say that I can barely eat a hot dog.  Something about it just seems gross to me, so imagine what a stretch this was for me!  Michael insisted that I HAD to have a brat.  I can do the potatoes and sour kraut, but the brat was a little much for me!
 I love, love, love this picture!  Nicholas has the funniest face in this picture.  He is so animated!
Mommy and her sweet boy

After we got home, Nicholas developed a cough and stuffy nose.  As you know from the last post it escalated into a full blown cold by Wednesday and we are still praying he continues to get better before Halloween!  He is doing better today, so I'm hoping he wakes up all better by morning!