Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baby's First Cold

Nicholas wants to show you how he has looked most of the week...

And this is what you will see if you come to our house...
Poor Baby Nicholas, Mommy, and Daddy have all been sick since Sunday night.  Nicholas has had bad sinus/cold stuff going on since Sunday night and then I started feeling bad on Monday night.  Mine came and went, but last night Michael and I both felt terrible.  I'm living on tylenol cold and sinus and Nicholas is loving some boogie wipes and his Vick's Vaporizer.  He hasn't had a fever, but just really stuffy, coughing, and irritable.

I've been looking forward to my baby's first Halloween for years and I am praying so hard he is better in the morning.  He and I both are feeling rough tonight and he had a rough day at school, so we may be staying home tomorrow if he has a fever.  Even worse, Michael and I were both sick for our first Halloween, so I'm a little worried he might be keeping the family tradition alive and well.  Pray that he starts feeling better soon and is able to wear his precious giraffe costume and have a fun Halloween weekend!

I'm sorry I'm so behind, there is a lot to write about soon!  I also haven't read any blogs this week.  Hopefully I'll be able to catch up tomorrow or Saturday.