Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Best Halloween Ever

I am so excited that I finally got to dress up my own baby for Halloween.  I spent many years dressing up other people's kids as a babysitter, nanny, and preschool teacher, but this year was so special to me.  All week Nicholas had spirit week at school.  They had character day, nerd day, tacky day, pj day, and costume/pumpkin bash day, but the only one we actually dressed for was pj and costume day.  He had three Halloween outifts that needed to be worn instead!  Ha!  On Monday he wore my favorite of his shirts.  This was at the end of the day, so he was a little tired (not to mention felt bad).
Tuesday he wore his shirt that he had on in his Rocktoberfest pictures (and the ones at the bottom of this post), but with tornado warnings, fussy sick babies, and end of the day, pictures just didn't happen.  I thought he looked pretty cute on Wednesday too!  I bought this shirt the day after we found out he was a boy.

Thursday was PJ day, so naturally, we wore our Halloween PJs! Haha!
LOVE the back!
Friday he had costume day and the Pumpkin Bash (carnival) at school from 9-11.  A friend of mine at work has a little boy in his class, so we ran over to take a few pictures during a break.  You can tell that he loves school by how happy he looks in these pictures.

Our subdivision trick or treated last night and my plan was to take him to see my family late afternoon and then be at home for trick or treaters in the evening.  Here he is visiting at my parents house.  He was too busy watching football to have his picture taken.  Seriously!
My mom and I took him to see my Nana and my Aunt Kelly before I took him home.  I love this picture.
However, this picture is sooooo funny!  He was laughing so hard!  I have no clue what was so funny!
When I got him home he was starting to get tired, so I hurried and got a few pictures of him in his costume.
My favorite giraffe and his lion
LOVE that expression!
My neighbor was taking pictures, so I ran over to get a few with my camera too.  We love our neighbors and their kids are all so sweet.  Here is James, Jackson, Will, Kassidy, and Kathryn.  I have laughed since last night at Jackson's Luigi costume!  It was great!
The good witch Addi came by to see me, but unfortunately, she was tired and not into having her picture made.
By 8:00 this is what Nicholas was doing.  We did his four month birthday party and he was worn out!
Today we were supposed to go to Cleveland to see Michael's family and go to the block party, but we had a rough night with Nicholas last night.  Plus, we are all still trying to get over our cold, so we decided to stay at home and not go out into the night air.  I did put him in one last Halloween outfit and take a few pictures on the front porch.  I love how they turned out, other than the fact he refused to smile!  Silly baby!
He was obsessed with the leaves and grapevine pumpkins.
We are going to bed early and praying that we have a much better week this week and that our colds are gone soon.  It has been a LONG week around here with a sick baby and two sick adults trying to work and keep up at home.
A year ago today our life changed forever.  I took a test that morning and this is what I saw...
I had such hope in my heart that day and when I wrote this post, I just KNEW that this year I would have a cute, snuggly baby to dress up!  I'm praying that all of my friends that are still waiting have their own cute little trick or treater next year.