Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Littlest Pumpkin

We had another fun day today on this awesome, gorgeous Fall day!  We got up, got dressed and drove about 90 minutes to a pumpkin patch that I kept reading about online in Dawsonville, GA.  Burt's Pumpkin Farm was a very cool place. 
My little pumpkin and I.  I've waited for a long time for a day like today.  Every year I would get sad and wonder when the day would come that I could take my own little pumpkin to a pumpkin patch and it was a little surreal to actually get that chance today.  On the way home I prayed for some many of you by name that next year you would have a little pumpkin to take!  I remember you all and pray for you often.
These pumpkins are MUCH bigger than I am!
I was amazed at how big these things are!  We are SO getting a big one next year!
I bought two regular sized one for each of us and a baby one for our baby!
Since it was my great idea to go, I had to pick them out while the boys watched! Ha!
I loved how my porch is looking.  Going to get a few mums next weekend.
Someone was tired after a busy day riding, looking at pumpkins, and eating at the Cajun Depot in Ellijay.  I bought this outfit on clearance last February 11, the day after my big ultrasound.  I knew it would be perfect for the day I finally got to bring my baby to the pumpkin patch.  It was the day I always thought it would be and I cannot wait to take him back next year when he will be a big boy and able to enjoy it more!