Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tailgating, Radio, and An Accident

Today was such a fun day!  We went to Michael's dealership for a special event benefiting the Boys and Girls club of Cleveland.  Michael has formed a partnership with them through GM and his dealership where they gave them $500 and all new equipment for their football league.  Today was the check presentation and in the spirit of all things football, they had a "Big Orange Tailgate Party"!  I am so glad Nicholas and I got to be a part of it!

 After his very fussy past few days, he was absolutely 100% happy and perfect while we were there!  I could not have asked for a happier baby!  He sat in his stroller like a big boy and loved looking around.
 The local radio station was there, Mix 104.1 and guess who had their first radio spot?!  Michael held Nicholas while talking on the radio.  It was fun to hear him talk about Nicholas while on the radio!  Here they are with the radio guys that were there.

 Nicholas also got to see where Daddy spends 70 hours of his week.  One day maybe he can have an office of his own too!
 On the way home I had to stop by my parents and while I was there I left Nicholas and made a quick trip to the grocery store.  When I was backing out of the parking spot the lady behind me was too.  I stopped and blew my horn, but she didn't hear me and there was nothing I could do but get hit.  The poor mommy mobile got it's first big dent today.  Guess I'll have to part with it for a few days soon to get the bumper replaced.  Good thing is that Nicholas wasn't with me and I am ok.
It is such a beautiful Fall weekend.  We had a high of 76 today and tomorrow is going to be 65 and sunny!  We are thinking of taking Nicholas to a pumpkin patch about two hours away tomorrow.  I'm excited about it and hope we have a good morning so we can.  Be sure to scroll on down to see his THREE month post!  I can't believe he is that old.  :-(