Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm In Love

A year ago this week I was having follicle studies and praying that this would be our month.  The dr saw one of the largest follicles he had ever seen on femara and I wrote this post.  Sometimes it is so hard for me to believe all that has happened over the past year.  God blessed us so much and we are forever grateful.  I have thought about where I was a year ago so much this week and I know there are a lot of you in that same place.  I am praying for you all to get your miracles soon.  Please do not lose hope, remember everything happens in God's perfect time.

In all the time it took us TTC and during the 38 weeks I was pregnant, I never dreamed I would love someone as much as I love this sweet, adorable little person!  I've looked at this picture one hundred times in the last two days since I took it and I am just amazed that he is mine. He was SO worth the wait and as I tell him all the time, I can't imagine my life anymore without him.  He is the best gift I have ever received and I hope he understands one day what a special blessing he is to us.

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. 
Psalms 126:3