Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five Weeks

You are FIVE weeks old today!  This has been a HARD week (notice the lack of posts).  Your reflux has hit an all time high and you've been miserable.  You had your one month check up on Monday and you weighed 11 pounds even and 22 inches long!  You are still in 0-3 months clothes and size 1 pampers.  Starting on Tuesday afternoon we started giving you Similac Isomil Sensitive with soy for fussy gassy babies mixed with one tablespoon of thickit instead of breastmilk and cereal.  It has made a huge difference.  Your doctor thinks you had a milk allergy and it was making you miserable on top of your reflux.  Bless your heart!
You have become SO alert this week.  Your new favorite activities are starting at ceiling fans (see above picture!), sitting in your boppy, and believe it or not, napping in your swing (you've hated it before).  I can tell a huge difference in your personality now that you are on formula (as much as that makes me sad).  You are much happier, although still hurting and fussy after a bottle.  
You are also loving being held close and up on our chest.  Your Gigi started that and it seems to help you when you get super fussy.  Here you are with Daddy when he got home from work last Saturday.  Too cute!  Notice you are wearing your first pair of jeans for the first time!
This week was also busy because Daddy's Great-Grandmother, Granny, passed away Monday morning and we had her visitation and funeral tonight with burial tomorrow morning.  You looked adorable in your little shortall outfit, but we didn't have time for a picture.  I'll be sure to get one sometime this weekend.  :-)