Tuesday, August 3, 2010

One Month Wellcheck

Today was Nicholas' one month wellcheck and it certainly was a busy day!  We had a long night last night with N waking up five times before I finally figured out that he didn't like the incline that we had in his pack n play and exchanging it for the one in his crib.  After that we had a better night (too bad it was 4:30 by then!).  We got up around 7:30 for our 9:00 appt and he was just so happy this morning.  He just hung out in his boppy on the bed until I pumped and got ready.

We saw Dr. Spraggins and she thought he looked great and was doing great! He weighed 11 pounds even and was right at 22 inches!  He is in the 50th percentile for both!  He even got his second hepatitis vaccine and only cried for about ten seconds!!!!  The only problem was still his reflux.  The only symptom that seems to be getting better is the screaming...it is now just a cry. :-(  Dr. Spraggins wanted us to go downtown to Children's and get an abdominal ultrasound to check for pyloric stenosis.  Well, I win the award for mom of the year/stupid nurse, because I know that you cannot eat or drink before this test, but what did I do as soon as she left the room?  Fed the screaming, hungry baby!  Ugh!!!!  I felt so dumb considering I knew better than that, but sleep deprived as I am, I just didn't think.

We finally got downtown at one for his US.  He did great and it was normal, so we are still thinking reflux, but now she is calling it, severe reflux.  You think?!!!  So, we are now doubling the amount of cereal in his bottle, giving an extra dose of zantac daily and praying it works.  I'm supposed to check in later this week to see how he is doing.

We were both completely exhausted when we got home.  He slept in his car seat for about two hours, got up to eat and be changed, then we both fell asleep while burping.  He is STILL asleep two hours later in his swing.  Poor baby had a rough day!