Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Busy Weekend

Whew!  What a busy weekend!!!!  Friday we had Michael's Granny's burial and lunch with his Dad, sister, and her boyfriend.  That afternoon Nicholas got increasingly fussy, and I had enough.  I already had a call into the pedi office regarding changing his medicine and when they called back around six I was at the end of my rope and there may have been some crying involved.  Ha!  We switched his zantac to axid, 1/4 tsp twice a day and it seems to be doing better.  He hasn't spit up at all since we changed to formula and thickit until tonight.  I was getting him in his bath and he had projectile spit up all over the island and the floor!  It was impressive.  Poor baby!  They are supposedly calling me tomorrow to check on him and I am going to tell them about it and that he is doing better as in no arching or screaming after he eats, but still fussy.

Friday night after bathtime, Nicholas and I spent about an hour and a half rocking in his room listening to Praise Baby.  He seems to love those CDs.  It was such a wonderful moment for me to just sit in the dark and sing to my baby that I prayed for for so long.

Yesterday Nicholas and I went shopping with my mom because I found out Tuesday that Michael and I would be attending a charity gala for the American Cancer Society on Saturday night.  This mommy had nothing to wear, so I went to Ann Taylor Loft and found a fabulous deal on a cute black dress.  FYI, they have some great deals and cute stuff right now.  I'm going back soon for some fall clothes!

Saturday night Michael and I went to Cleveland for the gala and my parents came over and kept Nicholas.  The speakers for the event were Vince and Barbara Dooley and they were fabulous!  Of course, that may be because I am such a football fan and grew up a GA fan, not sure.  Ha!  I made my mom take a picture of us before we left.  

I had decided earlier in the week that IF we had a decent night and morning we would try to make it to church this morning.  Well, we did, and with 15 minutes to spare! Ha!  Someone that will go unnamed was a little fussy right before we left, so these two pictures are as good as I got of his outfit, but you get the idea.

To have had such a rough start to the trip, he did GREAT!  He was awake the first half then slept while I held him during the sermon.  He could not have been any better!  It was kind of a special thing because his first Sunday was at the same church that my entire family (on my mom's side) all went to as babies, including me!

We came home and while he was having tummy time on his boppy, Nicholas rolled from his stomach to his back.  I'm not sure if that really counts or not, but I am going to try to get it on video next time!  We spent the afternoon being lazy and we all took a three hour nap.  Now we are having a good time watching football and eating wings Michael grilled for us.  Hoping football will bring on some Fall weather!  These 100 degree days are no fun!  I can't really go anywhere in this heat with Nicholas and that is hard for me!