Thursday, August 12, 2010

6 Weeks Already

Six weeks ago today we met our little miracle and what a wild six weeks it has been!  He was a little fussy when I took his picture, so we didn't make a sign this week.

This week has been a little rough.  You are now on your third formula, similac alimentum.  It is a special, predigested formula for babies with milk allergies.  You are doing better since we started it on Monday.  Hopefully it will continue to work well for you!

You are still taking Axid, but we increased your dose to 1.5 ml twice a day.  It has helped to increase.  We saw Dr. Spraggins today and she thinks you are doing great considering how bad you feel.  You weighed 11 pounds and 12 ounces!!!!!  You are such a BIG boy!

This weekend I am planning to pack away all of your newborn size clothes and diapers. :-(  I cannot believe you are already SIX weeks old and exclusively in 3 month clothes!  You are also sleeping almost all night and you have slept in your own bed for an entire week now.  No more pack n play for you!  Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you for adjusting so well!

You also started drinking 6-7 oz of formula every four hours yesterday.  Again, you seem to be doing better because of it.  

Your favorite activities right now are still tummy time (you are getting a special mat for tummy time tomorrow!), sitting in your boppy or bouncer, and watching a ceiling fan.  You've started really noticing Spencer this week and you seem to love him.  You always want to touch him.  He is so good with you too.  He loves to lay down close to where you are even if you are in your room.  He doesn't want you too far from him.

On a sad note, we are halfway done with maternity leave.  Six weeks from yesterday Mommy will go back to work and you will go to E-Kids.  :-(  I dread the thought of leaving you everyday, but I know that you will have fun playing with the other babies and you will learn so much more than mommy can teach you at home.  We are going to try to do some fun things before we start our new routine, if it will ever cool down.  It has been over 1oo degrees almost every day since you were born.  Too hot for a baby!