Monday, August 16, 2010

Catch Up Time

We've been pretty busy again over the past week, but mostly we've had a few bad days.  Poor little Nicholas did so good the first 24 hours on the alimentum, but the next 48 were not as good.  However, by Friday morning he was doing much, much better and this weekend he has been perfect!  It has been so hard to just sit and watch my little baby hurt.  He just screams and arches his little back and it is pitiful.  I got to the point on Wednesday that I just had to get away for a little while after Michael got home.  I had my first major meltdown since the third day we were home.  It had been a long, hard day and when you sit at home for twelve hours alone with a screaming baby, it gets hard.  I kept thinking that two months ago we were praying that he would have healthy lungs if he had to be delivered early because of my blood pressure and now he definitely has healthy lungs! Ha!  The tummy issues are bad, but there are so many of you out there that have really sick babies and I am so thankful that reflux and milk allergies are all that we have.  We went back to the pediatrician on Thursday (also his 6 week birthday, but that is another post!).  She really thinks that yes, he has a milk protein allergy and severe reflux.  She thinks the alimentum is working and is still happy because he weighed 11 pounds and 12 ounces! BIG boy!!!!!  She has referred us to a GI specialist.  Hopefully we will see him within the next week or two.

Friday my mom took the day off to stay with him so that I could go to my 6 week postpartum OB appointment.  I was so excited, I was actually two pounds LESS than at my first prenatal appt at 6 weeks on November 20!  That was just what I needed after such a hard couple of days.  After my appointment we went to BRU to reward Nicholas for the good day he was having.  He is now the proud owner of a tummy time mat and a superseat.  He is a big fan of tummy time and in fact he can roll from his tummy to his back almost as soon as you lay him down!  I'm trying to get it on film and when I do, I'll figure out how to post a video.

Saturday he took his first bath as a big boy!  We took the sling out of his tub and my mom helped me give him a bath just sitting in the tub.  He liked being able to see around better, but was not wanting to have his picture taken! Ha!
Saturday night we went to a block party our neighbors throw every year across the street from our house.  We have a large subdivision with around 100 houses so it is a great chance to meet new people.  We had a good turnout this year!  Guess who stole the show as the only baby there?
At one point he had all the women fighting over a chance to hold him!

Me, Jamie, and Anne

Yesterday Melissa came over and kept Nicholas for about three hours while we went out with Rodney and Sarah.  It was good to get away for a couple of hours and let her have some time with him as well.  After he had his bath we had a mini photo session.  How cute is this picture!  I love these pjs on him, they are so cute and only cost $1.00 at the consignment sale last March! Ha!  He probably wears them more than any other pair.

I forgot to post a picture of my new PPB diaper bag I found at Target and had a couple of requests to show it.  It is the perfect size and it has a lot of pockets for just about anything you can think of!  I thought it was a good bargain for the price!