Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tummy Update

Nicholas has had another couple of rough days.  Starting Sunday we saw a decline in his progress.  By Monday afternoon we were back at the beginning as far as behavior after a bottle.  After doing research and talking to his pedi, we put him on Similac Alimentum.  Last night and today he has been so much better, but I'm still cautious.  The only drawbacks I see to this "liquid gold" is that it is a fortune ($26 a can!) and smells terrible, but if it will help him digest better, who cares!

I am having to figure out how to thicken this formula.  It is a different consistency than what we've been on.  This morning we ran out to Target to buy mommy a new diaper bag (BTW, have you seen that they have an economy size, limited edition Petunia Pickle Bottom?!) and when we finished I thought I would stop by my parents and feed him.  Well, apparently it was a little thin, we BOTH ended up wearing it! Ha! Actually, more ended up on me than Nicholas!

He is sleeping better since he got his Axid and Sunday night he slept from 9:30-4:15!!!  He would have continued to sleep, but I had to wake him up moving him so that I could go to bed.  He was asleep in his boppy on the couch, not exactly safe.  Last night he slept from 11:30-4!  We are making progress towards sleeping a good portion of the night!  He has been in his crib since Friday and seems to like it.  I've been rocking him to sleep after his last bottle and playing Praise Baby CDs for him on repeat.  Whatever works!

Since I got in trouble for not having enough pics of him on the blog, here are a few from the past week. :-)
First night in his crib

One of his new hobbies, looking out the window.

sitting with Daddy