Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Patio and A Night Out

I know, I didn't do a good job keeping up. Sorry! I've been a little more sore (probably from doing so much! Oops!) and tired, so I've been trying to sleep when I can. Plus, I still had about 25 thank you notes to write when I went into labor, so I've been working on those, slowly, but surely. If you are still waiting on one, I PROMISE, it is coming!

On Sunday we had a nice, quiet day. We got up around 10ish (we are still only getting up once or twice for about 30 minutes at a time during the night! Woohoo!), got dressed, then took our first trip to Lowe's. I meant to take pictures, but forgot my smaller camera. Nicholas took his first ride in his travel system and seemed to love it. He was perfect! When we got home we spent most of the afternoon on our patio. Here is a picture of it so far. We had a massive, huge, dining set that we sold and now we are loving our new sitting area.

Michael's sister, Melissa and her friend Lisa came to see Nicholas, but again, I forgot to take pictures. I've been slipping the past few days.

Yesterday it was rainy, so we just hung out at home and cuddled most of the day. I did run out with my mom for a few minutes to pick up the 172 pictures we took the first week at Walgreens. Ha!

Michael is really doing a great job as a Dad. I couldn't do it without him, especially the late evenings and early mornings. Last night he sat up with him waiting on his early morning feeding so I could get some sleep. I ended up getting about 4 uninterrupted hours of sleep last night! I did get this picture. How sweet?!
Today was rainy again and Michael's day off, so we had yet another lazy day. As in, Nicholas and I didn't leave the couch from 11am-4pm! Ha! We did have our first night out without him. Michael had a mandatory dinner at the country club in the town where his dealership is and I was invited, so my parents came over and we got dressed up and left for a few hours. I am happy to say that I got in a dress I bought a year ago that is smaller than what I was wearing when I got pregnant! Woohoo! Breastfeeding (or in my case, exclusively pumping) is the best diet I've ever been on!
Tomorrow we start the day off early with a pediatrician appointment. I am thinking he will be pretty close to birth weight if not more. He has noticeably gained weight, so I am excited to weigh him.