Saturday, July 10, 2010

First Day Alone

I told you I'd get caught up! Don't forget to check out the story of our first week as a family below.

Today was the first day Nicholas and I were alone. Well, ok, I'll be honest, I did call Gigi over to help while I took a shower. I love the fact my parents are only 12 minutes away! Ha! We had another good night. Nicholas woke up for about 20 minutes for a quick change and bottle around 2:30, I woke up at 4:30 to pump, and then another bottle at 5:15. I still managed to get about 7 hours of sleep!!!! I feel so blessed to have a good sleeper (at least this far). He is just so good!

Around 11 I decided I needed to have a shower and my mom and dad offered to come help watch Nicholas so I could take my time. I was so excited to have the time and feel like actually washing and styling my hair for the first time since Monday BEFORE he was born. I've been either washing but not styling or wearing it natural (curly) ever since. While I was in the shower, they gave Nicholas a sponge bath and he seemed so awake and happy!

When they left I found this sweet gift from a blog friend! Thank you so much Christy! It was so sweet of you!!!!
We spent the rest of the day alone until Nicole and McKinley came by to bring dinner. I LOVE my friends and we are so happy that they are helping us by bringing dinner. It definitely helps so much! They made us a very tasty baked ravioli, salad, and brownies! YUM! We love our new patio set and after dinner we sat outside and relaxed.
HELP! We have had three leaky pee-pee diapers today! Any suggestions? I tried going up a size, but too big for us!