Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 Week Dr. Apptointment and 40 Weeks

Today is Nicholas' due date! I've thought about it all day. For nine months we counted down to this day, not knowing he would arrive two weeks ahead of schedule! All of a sudden, July 14 didn't mean a thing! It has been kind of funny because today might be the most alert he has been during the day. I think there is some truth to the thought that he has been so sleepy because he simply wasn't ready to come out. It is so hard for me to believe that he will be TWO WEEKS old tomorrow! Time is flying by already. It also means I have to go back to work ten weeks from today. :-(

This morning we got up and got dressed early to go to get weighed in at the pediatrician's office. I didn't get a good picture of him, but here he is modeling his froggy outfit (my favorite!) before we left.
I was right, he is almost 9 pounds (and probably will be by the weekend!). He is 8 pounds and 14 ounces!!!! I am so happy and relieved to know that the bottlefeeding/pumping is working for him as well as it is for me. Everything looked great and I can't believe I forgot to tell this, but his little cord stump came off last night while we were gone. It has been quite the drama. Monday I put him in an outfit I bought two years ago because I was worried he would outgrow it before he got to wear it, it is a shirt and pants pj kind of outfit. Well, about three hours later my mom noticed it had rubbed his stump almost off and it was just kind of hanging there. AHHHHHH!!!!!! I felt like a terrible mommy, so I googled and tweeted it and decided it would be ok to wait until today to see the Dr. Well, last night while we were gone he had on a little gown and during a diaper change, my mom noticed it was gone. It was found on the floor and we were all relived Spencer didn't get it first. Haha! I know, a little crazy, but for some reason I've stressed that would happen when the time came. (Don't laugh, I've told y'all I'm a little OCD, neurotic! Ha!). Well, he has a cute little innie and I'm happy that Spencer didn't eat it. :-)

After his appointment we went to the OB office to pick up some paperwork and then to my office to meet all of my work friends and Dr. Smith. We had a good visit. We stayed almost two hours and he was PERFECT! He ate a bottle and had a poopy diaper, but never even cried. He was also awake 90% of the time we were there! He is such a good little boy! He just sat in his travel system and charmed everyone! He seriously is the best baby I've ever been around and COMPLETELY worth the long wait we went through to have him! I love being a mommy more than I ever thought I would!