Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lunch Date and Tummy Trouble

Today has been a busy day for Nicholas and I! We had a very, very rough morning. Nicholas got up at 1:50, 3:15, 5:30, and 7:45 this morning. He has been having a very hard time with his tummy lately. We are starting to think he may have some reflux issues. I spoke with the nurse at this pedi office today and she thinks so too. He can only sleep if inclined and will not lie flat, grunts for at least an hour after every feeding (which leads me to believe he may be aspirating), and he stiffens up and arches his back and neck and screams a lot (usually after feedings). He doesn't have projectile spit up, but does spit up almost immediately, but will not burp, no matter what you do. Any suggestions? I plan to get an appt to see his dr tomorrow. Something has to be done, soon! We are both tired and miserable.

When I finally got him to sleep around 11:30, yes, he was up and screaming from 7:45-11:30, I got ready and we drove to Cleveland to meet Daddy and his family for lunch! It was great to see them and they all LOVE Nicholas so much (but really, who doesn't?!). We had a nice lunch at Chili's. He had his picture taken with his Mamaw (Great grandmother), Michael's dad (who doesn't have a grandfather name yet!), and Granddad (Great grandfather).
He is SO LOVED and Michael and I LOVE that!

Last night we decided we wanted to go to our favorite restaurant, but was afraid it would be too crowded for Nicholas, so he got to spend an hour or so at my parents house for the first time. We also love that they live on the way to most of our favorite places to eat! Just kidding Gigi, that isn't the only reason he came by. He just missed seeing you!