Monday, July 19, 2010

Some CUTE Pictures and a Trip To The ER

We had an interesting weekend to say the least. Let's just preface all of this with Mr. Nicholas is awake, alert and ready to learn now! He has spent the past five days looking around and checking it all out. :-)

Friday my dad's sisters, Tina and Karen and my cousin Jessi came to visit. They were here about two hours and unfortunately, my camera was dead. :-( It was so good to see them, they live in Atlanta so we don't see them that often, but I was so happy they wanted to come see Nicholas. We had a tasty lunch of chicken salad croissants, fruit, chips, and banana pudding my mom whipped up for us. It was also Gigi's last day to stay with us. We missed her here with us today! Mommy was busy cleaning bottles, giving bath, and doing all the things she helped with.

Saturday morning I had a fussy baby, but I really needed to work on some pictures for his birth announcements. When he went to sleep I took a few pictures with my friend Brittney. Here are my favorites.

Isn't he just PRECIOUS?!

Saturday during Nicholas' 4:30 feeding he seemed fussier than normal and had three dirty diapers. I thought it was odd, but waited to see what the next feeding would bring. He continued to be fussy and have 1o more dirty diapers by 1:30, so I called the peds office. They said because he was born at 38 weeks and had so much trouble eating early on, they wanted him to go to the ER. That was not what I thought they would say! I just called to find out what to give him. Poor baby had labs drawn, multiple abdominal xrays, and a stool sample (which he pooed all over the doctor working on him! Ha!) in his three hour visit. In the end it was decided he just had gas, reflux, and probably ate something in my milk that didn't agree with him. We came home with some mylicon and gripe water and changed our bottles to Dr. Brown's. By today we have had a new baby! He is happy, eating better, and sleeping! I'm a fan of the bottles, even though they are a HUGE pain to clean.

Yesterday was wonderful. Because Michael is off from work on Sundays and Tuesdays, he helps with the night time feedings on Monday and Saturday nights. He did the midnight feeding and the 7am feeding and I got a broken TEN hours of sleep!!!! I was a new woman yesterday! However, I did just lay around and watch TV. Haha!