Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work Shower

My wonderful work friends gave me a breakfast shower bright and early this morning and it was fabulous! I know I say all the time how much I love where I work, but honestly, I couldn't ask for a better work family.
My friend Kathie made this cake. How yummy does that look?! It is a two layered chocolate cake with fruit on top and kitkats around it. YUM!
This was our shower cake. It was so cute and perfect with our colors.
The room while everyone was eating. We had so much food to choose from, I was not even hungry at lunch (3 hours later)! Ha!
My mom came to join us and see Nicholas' new stuff.

I received two handmade gifts that made my heart so happy.
A lady in our billing office made this quilt for Nicholas. I CANNOT wait to spend time playing in the living room on this quilt and I'm pretty sure I'll pack it up for him when he leaves home and gets married. Ha!

My supervisor gave me this hat and blanket set that a lady she works with in the OR at the hospital makes. It matches his coming home outfit, so you might see it again soon! :-)
A large group went together and bought our swing, bottles, and shopping cart cover. The only "big" item left is our highchair, which Michael and I are going to get with a gift card tomorrow night while it is still on sale (thanks to Dr. Barker and Dr. Smith!!!)! We got so many nice things today!

To me the most meaningful was a canvas that another girl made for me. She came to me back before Christmas and wanted to know what I wanted and I decided I wanted a canvas with his scripture on it. This is what she came up with. It was hanging over the cake table and I almost cried happy tears when I walked in and saw it this morning. PERFECTION! I can't to show you how it looks when we complete the nursery this weekend!
Today marked 34 weeks! I can't believe we are so close to meeting our miracle baby that we prayed for so long. He could easily be here FIVE weeks from today!!!!! Pray for us as we have our 34 week appointment in the morning with a growth US. Please pray that he is still doing well and looking healthy! I'll do a 34 week update/appt post tomorrow night.