Friday, June 11, 2010

Swollen With A Change Of Plans

Wednesday I started noticing that I had a huge increase in my swelling and I started noticing that I just didn't feel right. My feet were H.U.G.E by the time I got home from work. Yesterday morning when I got up to go to work both my hands, and feet were all swollen this time. I had been able to wear my wedding band, just not the entire set for the week or two before, but now nothing fit. My shoes barely went on and I started to get a little worried.

I got to work and a few people commented that even my face was swollen. Any good pregnant girl knows that is a bad sign and you need to call your dr at that point. Well, of course, I didn't because I have not had any blood pressure problems at all, in fact one visit it was so low it had to be rechecked. I did get it checked twice while at work yesterday and it was quite elevated for me. I still put off calling because I thought if I went home, drank water, and put my feet up it would go down. Well, it didn't. I checked it around 8pm and it was actually up from when I was at work and my swelling wasn't going down. I called and talked to my doctor and he wanted to see me this morning.

My mom drove me to my appt this morning (Michael had to work and the dr asked that I not drive until he saw me) and sure enough, BP was still going up and TMI, but there is protein in my urine (the hallmark for preeclampsia). I was really surprised by that. I was still in denial that there would be that big of a problem. The nurse put me on the NST and it showed a few contractions, but Nicholas was doing perfect and even handled the contractions well.

I finally made it all the way back to see the doctor and he said it was concerning, but he didn't want to call it preeclampsia quite yet. He wants to get a 24-hour urine collection and see me back Monday before he makes a final decision. While I was there we talked about anesthesia and what the latest was on that. If you don't know that story, I blogged about it here. Again, God has laughed at my plans and made His own. My OB has had two different conversations with anesthesia since I saw them Monday and it has been decided that it is too risky with my particular spinal lesion to have an epidural or a spinal. I really wanted a vaginal delivery, but that is too risky with both my spina bifida (due to not being able to push efficiently) and clotting disorder. So, the only option that I have is a c-section with general anesthesia.

I've really debated posting all of the details because I do not want any negative opinions or comments, but this is my blog and I want to remember how I feel about it today. I'm very disappointed that after two years of infertility and all the anticipation of getting this far, now I have to be asleep for the greatest moment of my life. I really don't need any negative feedback or opinions about my OB. He is well known and widely respected. I have to trust him, which I do, 100%. I know that what really matters is that Nicholas comes out happy and healthy, but also that I do too. A spinal could cause paralysis or severe permanent nerve damage and that isn't worth the risk to me.

When we go back on Monday I am prepared to tell him that we have selected that option. Michael is ok with it, I'm ok with it (well, not going to lie, I'm getting ok with it), and that is what we have to do for everyone safety. So, we will get to pick Nicholas' birthday on Monday (although it may change if the preeclampsia testing comes back positive)!!!! So for now, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I'm going to start getting excited about meeting him around July 7!