Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend and 36 Week Appointment Update

I wanted you all to see how I spent my weekend. Meet my two best friends that spent it with me...
My blood pressure cuff that I had to use every four to six hours. We are definitely BFFs now!

My 24 hour urine jug! I meant to take a pic of it before it had peepee in it, but I forgot, so please excuse the fact this was somewhere around hour 8 and already had pee in it! Sorry!!!!!

This weekend was a pretty low key weekend. Friday afternoon and night I just lied around in my pjs, researched c-sections under general anesthesia, and watched some TV. That night Michael brought home some Ruby Tuesday and it was so good! We are definitely going to add that to our list of restaurants we carry out at.

Saturday I went out for a few minutes. My OB said it was ok to get my pedicure that it might actually help me feel better and to run to Target (just NO going to the mall, which is FINE with me! Too crowded anyway!) to pick up some last minute things to pack my bag. Came home and finished packing. I'm glad that is behind me! Nicholas and I are packed and ready to go! Now, Daddy just needs to pack his stuff too. That night Michael finished hanging some things in the nursery and we are 100% ready! I'll do a nursery tour tomorrow night.

Yesterday was when I hung out with my newest friend, the urine jug. I couldn't get too far from home so my awesome SIL Melissa came over to take some maternity pictures. I CANNOT wait to see them!!!! I know they will be good! I'll post some as soon as I get them.

We went to the OB again this morning to recheck my blood pressure (BP) and to let him know what we have decided to do about our birth plan. I turned in my 24 hour urine, YAY!, and now I'm waiting on the results of that to confirm that it is just pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), not preeclampsia. My BP has maintained in the 130s/80s today and that is WAY better than where we were three days ago. We let him know that yes, we agreed to do the scheduled c-section. The only thing that is still concerning to us is that my face, feet, and hands are still swollen and I know this is gross (well, probably not as gross as the urine jug) but it is my blog and i want to remember my feet and how they looked, so here is a pic of my feet after a day at work. I was able to sit 90% of the day today and they still looked like this. I'm curious to see how they look tomorrow after a much busier afternoon!
Come back tomorrow for a tour of Nicholas' room! I'm super excited to show it to you!