Sunday, June 6, 2010

35 Week Appointment

We went for my 35 week appointment this morning and had our growth scan. Nicholas looks great, but due to his position, he couldn't be measured well. The OB did give us an estimate of a little over five pounds right now. I did get to take a little trip to L&D to meet with anesthesia and a NST today. I have been having some regular, timeable back to low abdominal pain that he wanted to check out. It wasn't regular enough to get worried about and Nicholas looked great on that too. I am now a weekly OB pt and can't wait to go back next week. Hopefully I'll have my first internal exam and we'll know if we have any progress (although he indicated it wouldn't be for another two weeks).

Now, I'm sure many of you are wondering why I went for the anesthesia consult. I have a very mild, closed form of spina bifida that could create a problem getting an epidural or a spinal, especially when combined with my clotting disorder. We are wanting to know if they will be able to give me an epidural or a spinal and what they want me to do about my aspirin. Well, we still don't have any answers. My spinal defect is so low, it doesn't show up on my CT that they looked at, so they are trying to get one from 2004 from my old urologist. Ha, good luck with that! However, as of today we have had two different plans; one, a c-section with a spinal and very controlled anti-coagulation, second, back to inducing at 39 weeks with controlled anti-coagulation and an epidural. I'm ready to have a plan!!!! Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow we will know something.

I love being pregnant, it is the most wonderful thing ever, however I am at the point of being miserable. I hate complaining, and try so hard not to. I am just having a hard time sleeping, walking, sitting, and doing just about everything. Summer pregnancy is hard. I laughed at first because I thought mid-July won't be bad. Ha, wrong! June is just one week in and my feet are massive and I am just so hot all the time. (I would show you a picture of my feet/ankles, but you might lose your dinner!) With that said, I'm the happiest, most excited I've ever been.