Sunday, June 6, 2010

Someone Is Five Now

May 29 was a special day at our house, it was our firstborn's fifth birthday! Ha! Seriously we do tell him Happy Birthday and get him a special treat. I'm sure he could care less! Haha! I can't believe we've had him almost five years (in September), time is flying by and I'm sure it will even more once Nicholas joins our family.

I've always thought this was a cute picture of my two favorite boys the day after we got Spencer. He was SO tiny! Next is a current one from last fall. He is such a good dog, but I think he is a little worried what is going on in his house. He seems a little unsure about all the new things in his favorite room to look out the window. He loves babies and children and has never had any aggression, but I plan on having Michael discuss bringing a baby in when he takes him to the vet next week for his shots.
Happy Birthday Buddy! We Love You!!!!!