Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainy Wednesday

UPDATE: I survived jury duty!!!!! I will blog about that later. I don't even want to think about it right now, but I will tell you it was CRAZY! I am so relieved to be back to my normal routine!

It is a cool, rainy, blah day here in Ringgold/Chattanooga. However, the good news is, it looks like I'll be back at work tomorrow and able to make my US on FRIDAY!!!!! We are on a 2.5 hour lunch break while the judge and attorneys get everything ready for closing statements and deliberations this afternoon!!!! YAY!!!!!

On a not so happy note, my stinking kidneys are at it again. While we were in Knoxville on Sunday I got what I thought was just a normal bladder infection so I started taking some antibiotics and thought it would go away. It did, until yesterday morning around 4:3o. Since then I cannot pee enough (except for when I went to do a urine sample this morning, please pray they got enough!), severe pain in my back, and just overall not feeling well. BLAH! Hopefully today's urinalysis will tell us what is going on! My guess (because it's happened before) is that the bacteria was resistant to cipro and now spread into my kidneys. FUN TIMES! Many of you have asked if I have tried to find out why I have so many problems with my kidneys. Three different urologists and one surgeon have no idea. Other than I have a VERY mild form of spina bifida, but it effects me in that I don't know that I have to potty until it is TIME, like RIGHT NOW time. So, the four agree that I probably don't empty my bladder until bacteria has already started growing. Its hard with my job to do a routine, but I try. This is also believed to be part of the stone problem as well.

On to even more fun stuff, how do you like the new fall theme? I'll post some pics of my fall decor sometime between now and the weekend. Fall seems to be here today. I'm ready aren't you?! Now, got to get ready to go back to court soon. Hopefully I'll be out in time to rest a little before time to cook dinner.


Anna said...

AW goodness. AGAIN? I feel so bad for you girl. :( Pee problems are THE WORST. I had a UTI in college that I SWORE was gonna be the death of me.

Angela said...

So sorry about the kidney issues. Ugh!!

I love the new fall blog decor!

I'm so glad you'll be able to go to your u/s on Friday! :)

Jennifer said...

Bless your heart! I hope you are feeling better soon!
Glad you will be able to go to your u/s on Friday!:)

Lianna Knight said...

So glad that you will get out of jury duty in time for the U/S. I would be going nuts too if I couldn't make mine :)

Love the fall blog...can't wait to see your decorations!

Lauren said...

Oh, girl.... if it's not one thing, it's another for ya. Hope you get to feeling better!

And YAY for being able to make your appt.