Monday, September 14, 2009

Catch Up Post

There isn't much to report in, so I haven't blogged lately. Sorry. Friday night I went out with my mom to look for some shoes for the reunions coming up (Michael's is this weekend, mine is next weekend). I found one pair that I really like, but not sure about it. What do you think about red patent heels with a black strapless dress????

Saturday Anna and I hosted a Lia Sophia table at her school fall festival. It was fun and we booked a couple of parties!!!! Saturday night we went to Big River, our favorite local restaurant for Michael to mourn UT's loss to UCLA earlier in the day. (sorry for the crappy quality, just had my phone)

Yesterday we got up early and took off to Knoxville to spend the day with Michael's family. I forgot my camera again (I know, I'm a bad blogger here lately!!!), but we ended up going to the outside mall and walking around and finding some good buys. I got a fall rug at Kirkland's (I'll post pics when I get it outside) and some cute things at NY & Company. We also ate at my new favorite ice cream place, Menchie's. Too bad it's two hours away!!!!

It is awesome, you just get the cup and fill it yourself. Then put whatever toppings you want and then they weigh it. How cool is that?! I got dark chocolate with kitkat crumbles, hot fudge, and cherries on top! YUM! (Thanks Melissa for the pic!)

Today I started jury duty. WOW is all I can say about that!!!! Looks like my trial will be over by late Wednesday or early Thursday, so keep praying that I don't have to miss my ultrasound on Friday for CD 14!!!! As far as that goes, took my last femara yesterday and it is MUCH better than clomid. Much less side effects! Lets just hope it is doing what it is supposed to!

EDIT: Just heard Patrick Swayze died. How sad is that?! He will certainly be missed. I LOVE him in Dirty Dancing. What is your favorite Patrick movie?


Todd and Courtney said...

I love those kind of ice cream places. There's one in Dallas, TX Yumo!!

Anonymous said...

Amanda, first off, I've never commented but I really enjoy your blog and am keeping your TTC status in my prayers here in SC! I love Patrick Swayze movies, most recently my fave is Roadhouse. And, lastly, YES! Go for the red patent shoes with the black dress, it will be sizzling! In Christ, Laurie E in Columbia, SC

Lauren said...

That pic of Michael is hysterical!!!

That outfit sounds adorable..

You know mine is Dirty Dancing. Best watched while devouring chips n' salsa, followed by a viewing of The Cutting Edge. ;)

Bailey said...

Thats a neat idea for an ice cream shop! I definitely think red patent shoes would work with the black dress. Favorite Patrick movie is a toss up between The Outsiders & Dirty Dancing.

Good Luck with Jury Duty!

Lianna Knight said...

I'm so glad you had a great weekend!!! Sounded like it was a FULL seems that all of our weekends are too :)

I agree...the red heels=HOT!

So glad Femara is treating you right...I'm going to talk to my doctor about it at our next appointment!

Lauren said...

Hope everything goes as planned for Friday. And Dirty Dancing is definitely my favorite Patrick movie!!!

Anna said...

Dirty Dancing all the way! So sad.