Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Today You Are Five

Dear Nicholas,

As of 4:28 this morning you are FIVE years old!  It is so hard for Mommy to believe that you've been with us that long and that you are that old!  We celebrated your birthday on Saturday with your friends, but today we get to celebrate just the three of us.  This is a BIG birthday!  You are no longer considered a baby in any way, you are definitely a big boy now!!!  

The next few weeks will bring so many changes in your life.  This week you get to go on your first field trip in kids camp, in about 6 weeks will be your first day of elementary school, and in 12 week or less, you will become a big brother!  We are so proud of the boy you've become. You are no longer our little boy, but rather our big boy who is ready to take on the world. (Even if we aren't ready for you to go out into the big world without us!) 

My prayer for you as you begin all of these big changes is that you always have a desire to learn, help those who may be struggling around you, and they you always love the Lord. 

I also wanted to document a few things about you on your 5th birthday for me to be able to remember when you are a really big boy! 

- You are 44 pounds and 45 inches tall
- You wear size 5 clothes and an 11.5 wide shoe
- You love your friends and your best friends are Tate, Braxton, Trey, Lucas, and Will. 
- Your favorite thing to do is play on your Nabi
- Your favorite food is fish or shrimp and any dessert
- You would rather have chocolate milk than anything to drink.
- You love Legos, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and Transformers. 

One day you will look back and remember your first day of elementary school, the day your sister was born, and the many changes of this year and I hope you have good memories. Your 5th year is going to have so many wonderful changes and I pray you embrace them with the enthusiasm you embrace life. 

Daddy and I love you so much!  We are so proud of you and the sweet, loving little guy you've become!  Happy birthday buddy! 

Love, Mommy