Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I'm I know, I know. I did so good for a couple of weeks, then fell off the wagon again. The last few weeks have taken a toll on me between work, home, and being pregnant. I'm behind in every aspect right now. Here is what has been going on and what has been on my mind lately... 

1.  Grilling out and lots of fresh veggies! 
Michael has taken over as our main cook lately. Bless him! Baby sister has caused me to have pubis symphysis diastasis (meaning my pelvis is essentially dislocated and I'm in pain) and by the time I get home at night I'm done and can barely walk. We buy meats at Costco and this was our buggy at the grocery store last week. All nice and colorful! I love eating in the Summer! Nicholas is a huge fresh fruit eater and had been begging for a watermelon. He loved it so much he wouldn't open his eyes for a picture! Lol! 

2.  Lazy, hazy pool Sundays 
We've been at the pool the last 2 Sundays. This was last week and it just cracked me up. He is swimming really well this summer and LOVES the water. 

3. Busy Days 
Nicholas and I have both been worn out by the end of the day. It's my busy trauma season and I'm slammed with patients and not sleeping well. Nicholas is just playing hard! Last Monday he had day camp all day and as soon as he hit the door I found him on the couch under a blanket! He stayed like this until dinner and bath time! Haha!

4. Summer TV
I'm not a big TV watcher anyway, but Summer TV is terrible. I'm counting the days until Scandal comes on...which happens to be Aliza's due date!  It is actually only 99 DAYS AWAY now! We may be watching together in the hospital!  

5.  25 weeks! 
Well, now that I'm almost 26 weeks, I'll post a comparison shot from Nicholas to Aliza. I've said it before and I'll say it again, pregnancy is a lot harder at 34 than it was at 29! Ha! 

6. Nursery Progress! 
I'm not going to post much until it is all together, but our guest room is starting to look like a nursery!!!  Nicholas and Michael put the crib together last weekend and this weekend my mom and I will be organizing and hanging some wall hangings. Our family is hosting a shower at our house, so I want her room ready by then!  Hard to believe we are just a little over 3 months away from meeting our little princess!  

7. Cuddles 
Nicholas is already showing what a sweet big brother he is going to be. He loves to "hug sister" by rubbing my belly or giving me big hugs and last week when he was so tired he wanted to rock in the glider. If you think I didn't capitalize on this bedtime stall tactic you're crazy! We spent 30 minutes delaying bedtime so we could rock!  I tell him several times a day that he will always be my first and special baby and we love him SO much. 

8. Babies Don't Keep
It's so hard for me to believe this sweet baby is almost FIVE! On the days he goes to day camp he comes home acting like such a big kid. It's amazing how his vocabulary is bigger, he walks right into school without hesitating, and just acts big! In two weeks he will officially be in day camp, on his way to big school, and FIVE YEARS OLD!  I'm struggling with that and I'm 99% sure God knew I couldn't handle it if he were still an only child, so he gave us baby sister!