Monday, June 1, 2015

A Busy Weekend

Friday night was our end of the year baseball party.  We had the party at a small carnival type amusement park near our house that I used to frequent as a kid!  It was fun to see him on the same rides I enjoyed 30 years ago!  Nicholas and Michael both got awards for playing and coaching and Nicholas loved showing his off! Haha!

We are so proud of how much better Nicholas did this season!  He can't wait to play "real baseball" next year on the 5 year old team!  

We hung out with his friend Brayden and his family after the party and rode rides. They had so much fun! 

We had a busy weekend getting our house ready for baby sister.  We decluttered Nicholas' room on Saturday and yesterday my dad and Michael moved furniture around and instead of our extra bed and dresser, we now have our sweet white sleigh furniture back from the attic read to be put together for baby sister!  I can't believe she will be here in about 16 weeks!!!  

Last night Nicholas wanted to ride his bike after dinner and I was feeling better than I usually do at that time of day, so I wanted with them. I was amazed how good he does now! He just took off and got way ahead of us! He is doing so much better on his bike!

Today we had a very exciting morning!  When we got to daycare he was invited into the day camp to spend the day!!! Once he turns 5 he can go on field trips with them, but for now he can go on any day that they have classroom days! To say he was excited would be an understatement!  He has LIVED to be in "kids camp" since he was 3 and he LOVED it!!! I have one tired little boy on my hands tonight. Apparently being a kids camper is hard work!