Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Bonus Year

Since Nicholas turned 3 I've been stressing and worrying over making the decision for kindergarten.  He is a smart child, loves school, and has always adapted well, but with a July 1st birthday, it just bothered me to think of sending him at 5 and even more so to think of sending him to college a few weeks after his 18th birthday.  This past year he has struggled a little bit because he was one of the youngest in his class and that caused him to be a follower when he has always been a leader as an older child in his previous classes. I didn't want him to go through school as immature or the youngest. I've cried and missed sleep over this decision, but I know in my heart I've made the right choice.

In our state we have a lottery funded PreK program that is equal opportunity, but limited spots. We entered the drawing and got a spot at the school he is zoned to attend kindergarten!!!  At that point I knew God was telling me I did the right thing.  On Tuesday we went for a meet and greet at his new school and saw his classroom. He was a bit overwhelmed, but loved it!  He was very shy and wasn't sure about them taking his picture, but he was super excited on the inside!  It's been all he has talked about!
(Here we are wearing our socks and sperrys again! Haha! Bless him and his fashion preferences!)

I was worried about how he was adapt to the news that he was repeating PreK, but he understands that he has a late birthday and some kids go to preK when they are 5. He calls it his 5 class.  I wanted him to know he wasn't going to kindergarten from the beginning and he has been ok with it the entire time. I'm so thankful for that. 

He will start his new school on August 17 and I know on August 14th, when we leave the only "school" he has ever known we will both cry.  It's a big step and I know he will do great!  I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see what his future holds!