Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Day I Become A Sports Mom

Today is a BIG day at our house!  It's a day I've personally dreamed of for years (like 20 years) and a day I dreamed about while waiting on a baby...Nicholas has his first practice of little league baseball!  I'm excited but sad all in one rolled up ball of emotion. I can't believe this day is finally here and that my baby is old enough to own a bat and glove, wear a uniform, and play organized ball. Watching his excitement as he chose his bat and glove and proudly walked around the store with it was so fun and exciting, but also another sign he is growing up. Knowing that he will probably be my only baby makes this day even more bittersweet.  

When I found out he was a boy I automatically began dreaming of my little football and baseball player. I've spent my entire life watching high school athletes and their proud moms. I can't believe it is now my turn to be a sports mom! I've always said that I can see myself being THAT mom, the one who never misses a game, encourages and cheers for every player, hugs every player after a tough game, and is her child's biggest fan. We alway laugh that as loud and hard as I cheer on Friday nights for kids I don't really know, little league may not be ready for this Momma! Ha! (Kidding. Sort of. Not really.) (No one be surprised if my husband stands far away from me at games or if my child acts like he doesn't know me. I can't help it. I swear.) 

I pray that Nicholas always loves playing sports because I think it is a good, healthy activity and helps keep a lot of kids busy and out of trouble.  I pray that if God has granted my son the gift of athletic talent that he uses it and glorifies The Lord for giving it to him. Lord willing, maybe it will even provide a college education for him! (I know, I'm totally getting out of control now. He is only 3, but a mom can always hope, right?!)  With all of that being said, what I really want for my son is to be happy. If he loves playing, great, but if he doesn't, that is ok too. (Ok. Let's not lie here, I will be sad, but I'll get over it. Sorry, just being real.)

Today as we rush out of the door and to work and school with all of his gear, change of clothes for practice, and pray we haven't forgotten anything; then as we rush across town in a mad dash to baseball tonight, I'm praising God for my opportunity to be a mom and finally getting a chance to cheer on MY son. There were dark days during infertility when I never thought this day would come and it was just a part of my dream. It's days like today where part of me wants to sit down and ugly cry for my little baby turning into a little boy that no longer even resembles a baby, while the other part of me is excited with him for a new adventure! Thank you Lord for this day and for a healthy, spirited little boy who is growing and loves life, even if his Mommy wishes she could freeze time.