Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

Last Friday was one of the best Valentine's Day I've ever had because of my littlest valentine and the happiness he brings me everyday!  He loves parties and holidays so he was super pumped Friday morning!  He was even excited to wear his Valentine shirt I found at Gymboree! 
He was excited to get to school to give his teachers their Valentines!  I got both of his teachers a box of candy. He thought he was pretty cool bringing gifts! Haha!
I really wanted to make homemade Valentines this year, but after spending a week working on over 100 items for consignment, my Dad's birthday gift (a scrapbook of his football season), and work, Michael finally convinced me something had to give. Nicholas was happy with his "store bought" Spider-man valentines and that is what really matters!  (More on this subject on my next working mom post coming this week!)

When we got home, Michael surprised me with flowers, crab and lobster that he was going to cook for me, and a bottle of champagne! Clearly he knows me well! :-)
We ended up spending the evening cooking together, having a dance party with our little valentine and just enjoying being together. While dancing around the kitchen, Nicholas asked me to "take my pishure Mommy!" Haha! 
We had a wonderful day. Valentine's is a day I used to hate and it is definitely not one of my favorites, but it certainly was a great day with two great Valentines that I love more than anything!