Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a catch up at home weekend.  Sometimes we get way behind at home and it takes two days to catch up!  Friday night we cooked a pizza at home and just chilled. I have been fighting a head cold since Tuesday and I just didn't want to do anything. I got in my bed and read at 8:30.

Saturday I got up early and began washing this mountain of disaster...also known as 2 weeks of laundry.  

My goal was to have Sunday to get caught up on the DVR and rest...on my new sectional that arrived Saturday afternoon! 

This thing is heaven on earth!  It has 4 recliners, 2 gliders, and is sooooo comfy! We actually fell asleep on it last night! (Excuse the picture that I took in the middle of rehanging our TV)

Today was a lazy day. Just what we wanted!  I made muffins and since I've been sick we slept in. I didn't want to expose every kid at church to the funk we've had. We just needed a day of rest and catch up.  Although, I think I need an extra day in my week.  There is simply not enough time in the day by the time I'm gone 10-11 hours, come home, cook dinner, and get N to bed. I need a 28 hour day!  I finally finished all that laundry tonight and now I'm back on my couch resting and watching TV. 

It's been great to get things done around the house and rest. We are ready for another week. Look for the 1st working mom post by midweek. It will explain why I feel convicted to do this series and how I feel as a working mom.