Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday

1.  It has been COLD here this week. The high on Monday was 18, low Monday night of 4, and Tuesday made it as high as 24!  It was 5 degrees when I got in the car Tuesday morning. Miserable!  My window office was not all it is cracked up to be this week. It was 55 when I walked in Tuesday! Burrrr!
Thankful we are supposed to actually see high 40s today. Heat wave!

2.  Michael won some BIG husband of the year points last night for our anniversary.  As I said yesterday, we had not planned to go out, but he had arranged for our neighbor to babysit and we had reservations at Ruth's Chris for dinner!  It was amazing and I got way too excited about a night out! It was so cold I didn't get to dress up as much as I wanted, but my trusty sweater dress and boots were warm and comfy! 

3. While I was out and about Saturday, I ran into Gymboree. Yep, huge mistake. I ended up spending a small fortune on Valentine's shirts, pjs, and an ADORABLE line of superhero shirts. Oh my word! If your little guy loves superheros, RUN to your nearest Gymboree!  Nicholas is obsessed with this shirt! He is now referring to himself as Super Dude. Awesome. 

4. I am doing a pretty good job on my goal of reading 20 books this year. I'm about halfway through Elizabeth The Queen, but I did read Chasing Superwoman in a day last weekend. (I have an entire post coming on my experience with that book soon!) I'm looking for suggestions for a good chicklit type read or good history/biography next. Any suggestions? 

5.  I am considering taking my blog in a little different direction. It will still be all about our family, no ads, and personal, but I want to be more of an encouragement to real life moms, especially working moms. I see so many moms struggling on twitter and Facebook and I know there are many others that feel alone in the daily struggle.  I've been praying for a way to have some sort of ministry to other moms and I think my blog is the best avenue for that.  Any thoughts on that?  

6.  What kind of decorations do you have for Valentine's Day? I have a big heart I hang on the door, but I need a few things inside. Any suggestions?