Saturday, September 21, 2013

Disney Day 1: Resort Day and Nicholas Meets Mickey!

Sunday was the day I've been dreaming of since January...ok, who am I kidding, since I was little...the day I took my own child to my favorite place as a kid...DISNEY!  We spent the night in Valdosta, Georgia Saturday night and started driving again at 8:00 the next morning. It is about 3 1/2 hours from Valdosta to Disney, so much better than driving all the way from Ringgold in 1 day!  I forgot to pack Michael's swim trunks, so after a quick stop at a Target in Orlando, we arrived!

At check in we walked up to the online check in window (I checked in 2 months ago online and requested a 1st floor room close to transportation) and Nicholas looked up and asked the girl at the counter in an annoyed tone "where's Mickey?"  Hahaha!  We did tell him he was going to see Mickey, so I guess he was expecting Mickey to meet him at check in! 
We stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort and I really can't say enough good things about it.  I kept reading negative comments about it before our trip, but we loved it!  We got our requested 1st floor room directly behind the bus stop that was ready early!  I ran ahead of the boys while they got out of the car and put out his 1st Tinkerbell gifts!  We all got ears, his autograph book and a note welcoming him to Disney!  He loved his ears and wore them almost nonstop for the week!

Nicholas LOVED the pool and resort!  It is perfect with the Caribbean and pirate theming!  Our room had a Nemo theme and he called it "our Nemo house".  We spent the afternoon at the pool, which was one reason I chose this resort. Once I saw the pool, I KNEW it was the place for us!  Nicholas pretty much hyperventilated when he saw it!  Haha!

He loved the shipwreck play area, but also enjoyed the big water slides with Mommy and Daddy!

We went to our room around 3:00, rested a little then on to the big moment...meeting Mickey!  Nicholas was sooooo tired that he wasn't wanting to go.  Next time I plan to do Chef Mickey on our departure day and have day 1 a little more relaxing.  However, once we got there, it was so fun!!!  

Pluto came over to our table 1st.  Nicholas didn't like him very much, but did ask him to sign his book. 

Minnie was next.  He keeps telling us how much he "loves Minnie".  His interaction with her was priceless and I'll never forget this moment as long as I live.

Unprompted he leaned over and gave her a big kiss on the nose!  I almost cried right there! 

Next we saw The Mouse himself!  Nicholas was SO EXCITED to see him!!! 

Goofy was next and Nicholas didn't want to hug him, but he did give him 5 and Daddy gave him a big hug! 

Donald was last.  He is Nicholas' favorite, although I think he was somewhat insulted Nicholas handed him a Mickey doll! :-)

We had such a fun time at dinner!  Yes, it is ridiculously expensive but it is priceless to see your child interact with the Fab Five characters, dance, and wave their napkins in the air.  I would pay that money over and over for that again!  I've also read a lot of negative reviews about the food there and my husband who is very anti-buffet and very critical of food said it was his favorite restaurant of the week.  We ate pretty much one of everything and nothing was bad.

As a kid I always wanted to ride the monorail, but we never needed to, so we never did.  After dinner we hopped on and rode the resort line.  It was so cool to ride right by all the resorts and "the kingdom" as Nicholas calls it!  :-)

We went back to our resort after the monorail ride and to bed to rest up for our 1st day at the Magic Kingdom...