Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Father's Day 2013

We had a wonderful day on Father's Day!  Nicholas couldn't wait to give Michael his card (sadly, his present arrived 2 days later), he actually ran out of his room while getting dressed in nothing but his undies to give it to him, so there are no pictures. Haha!  We spent the day on Saturday together at the lake with friends and my heart just melted at how much fun my two boys had together.

Nicholas is such a lucky little boy to have Michael as his Daddy.  Michael loves to spend his all of his free time with him and rarely plans anything that we cannot take Nicholas along.  He is a super hands on dad.  He has been from day one and I pray that Nicholas learns from this and applies it when it is his turn to be a Daddy! (You know, in 40-50 years!) :-)  I also feel lucky to have such an amazing parenting partner in Michael.  I couldn't survive my schedule and trying to balance work and home without him and his help! 

We had lunch with Michael's family and as always it was great to spend time with them as we are not able to do so very often.  Nicholas was so excited to see his Granddaddy that as soon as we drove up and he saw Michael's dad he started yelling "HI GRANDDADDY!!!" and waving like his hand would fall off!  One thing I'll say for Nicholas, he loves his grandparents more than anyone and I love that!  It reminds me of my relationship with my Nana. 

Michael's grandfather hasn't been in the best health lately, so we stopped in to see him.  Nicholas kept giving him hugs and kisses.  I know it made his day to get those sweet hugs! 

That evening my parents came over for dinner.  As soon as Nicholas saw my parents were here, he came running in from the backyard yelling "Gigi!" however, as soon as he realized my dad was there he ran right passed her and said "happy Father's Day Pawpaw!" tackling his leg with a big hug.  Totally made my dad's day, and franky, mine too!  Nicholas went into the "haven't had a nap, 3 year old, independent, cranky mode" while they were there, so sadly I didn't even think to get any pictures.  This is one of my very most favorite of my dad and Nicholas following a football game last Fall, so I'll just share it!  

I really feel like Father's Day is a special day for us.  I'm so fortunate that I was given not only the best dad ever, but a wonderful husband that is a great dad to our son, and a father-in-law that has always been there to help out when we need him and is a great dad to Michael.  Nicholas has so many wonderful examples of great men in his life and  so thankful for that.  I'm hopeful that he will be like them one day and that he will learn from their examples.  

I'm thankful beyond words that my Dad has always been there for me, made countless sacrifices over the years for me, and that he continues to be a rock in our family.  He has always been the Christian leader of our family and has shown me how to live a Godly life while also teaching me to have my own opinion and to stand up for what is right, even if it comes with consequences for me.  I thank God everyday, not just on Father's Day or Mother's Day, for giving me my parents and for Nicholas to also have them in his life.