Monday, July 8, 2013

Catch Up Post

Well, as you can see, I've been busy with the pirate party for a few weeks.  In the middle of pirate party planning I also had a kidney stone, ER visit, a day at the lake, Father's day (a separate post for that special day tomorrow) and a family wedding!  Needless to say, blogging took a back seat for a few weeks!

Three weeks ago we joined some of our friends for a fun day at their parents' lake house.  I grew up about 2 miles from their house and it is always fun to spend a day on the lake out there!  Our little man was super-styling on his way to the lake in Daddy's truck!
 Nicholas was afraid of the water all day until it came time to ride on the "pirate ship" aka boat. He LOVED riding on the boat.
Nicholas was most content all day when he was fishing with his friend Jackson.  Jackson is a very sweet little boy who lives across the street and comes over to play with Nicholas a lot.  It helps me in the evenings when I'm trying to get ready for dinner and Nicholas LOVES his "Paxon".

The next Friday I started feeling like I was having a kidney stone around 3:30 in the afternoon and by 4:00 the next morning I was in ER with a full blown attack.  My big hospital I work at just opened a new smaller ER closer to our house (not as busy as the large level 1 trauma center downtown) so I went there and got some IV pain and nausea meds, a CT, and was back home by 6:30.  I slept through the morning and by 2:00 in the afternoon I passed the stone.  

I debated putting a picture here, but Twitter told me it wouldn't be gross, so here it is...

It is just a black rock!  Pretty cool actually!

The next Saturday we went to Atlanta to a family wedding.  My little cousin got married to a very sweet girl, Kaitlyn.  It was good as always to see my dad's family as we don't see them very often.  

I LOVED and I mean LOVED their cakes!  The groom's cake is very possibly the best one I've ever seen!  

Even the back of the cake was cute!  (Yes we are a fraternity/sorority loving bunch!)

Here is our family at the wedding.  Ignore the cranky toddler.  :-)

That pretty much catches you up other than Father's Day, but I'll be back with that tomorrow!  I love that Blogger let's you schedule posts, don't you! :-)