Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thoughts For Thursday

1.  I installed the Bible app on my phone and I found the best 5 day devotional series, No More Unglued Mama Mornings.  It has been such a great series for me.  I finish it tomorrow and trying to decide which to read next.

2.  I had an awesome mail day on Saturday!  I ordered a 31 organizer pack to carry as my crossbody for Disney and 3 books I have been dying to read!  I ordered these books on April 14, but forot that if I had them sent supersaver shipping, they wouldn't arrive until after Boo Mama's book came out June 4!  So, I've waited a long time for these, but they have been totally worth the wait so far!

3.  Nicholas tried some Veggie Straws at the pool a couple of weeks ago and loved them!  I was super excited to see them (even if they were just small bags) at Bi-lo when I went grocery shopping this week!

4.  How in this world are we gone 10-11 hours a day and our house continually stays trashed?  I do a load of laundry a night, clean up from dinner, and pick up the house daily, but it seems like my kitchen and living room are a cluttered disaster by Friday.  It's kind of like socks disappearing in the wash, I'll just never understand! 

 5.  I mailed Nicholas' birthday invitations this week and I am IN LOVE with how cute they are!  I will show you the actual invitation after his party, but here is a sneak peak at the mailing labels.  ADORABLE!!!  Have you guessed the theme yet? :-)

6.  Something has attacked my rose bush and another shrub in my front shrub bed.  I was so proud of myself for keeping my roses alive for an entire year! (you could say I am like a hospice unit for plants, you come to my house, you have no chance of survival.)  We have no clue what happened to them, it was a matter of days.  Guess I'm back to having a black thumb. 

7.  It's going to be another 2-3 years before we even plan to build, but lately I am obsessed with looking at house plans.  We know what we want and where we want to build, but I love to plan and dream, so I'm constantly looking at house plans these days.  I'm also obsessed with grey dining rooms and in I cannot look at enough of them!  Sorry if you follow me on Pinterest!  I know you are tired of my house pins. :-)

8.  When my parents sold the home I grew up in almost 9 years ago, I packed up all of my CD collection thinking I would just unpack it as soon as they settled in their new home.  Well, needless to say, I didn't...until last week!  I found these two fabulous finds and it was like 1998 in my car on Thursday and Friday!  I am slightly worried Nicholas may start singing "Shoop"(oops!) soon or at least least "Wide Open Spaces" is a little more age appropriate.  :-)