Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Ledfords' Summer Bucket List

I've been seeing seasonal bucket lists on Pinterest for a couple of years and I love the idea, so I made my own for this Summer.  To hold me accountable for it, I am posting it here.
  1. Play in the sprinkler
  2. Go for a boat ride
  3. Spend an afternoon at the zoo
  4. Go for a picnic
  5. Grill out often
  6. Shrimp boil with friends
  7. Try fun Summer recipes
  8. Make homemade ice cream rather than store bought
  9. Bike ride as a family
  10. Cookouts with family
  11. Daddy and Nicholas campout in the backyard
  12. Watch fireworks
  13. Invite friends to spend an afternoon at the pool
  14. Read every book on my Summer reading list
  15. Catch fireflies
  16. Go to a baseball game
  17. Go on a hike
  18. Visit the blueberry farm
  19. Go to the farmer's market on Saturday mornings
  20. Just enjoy each other and be thankful for time we have as a family!
I'll check in as we check things off of our list.  We already have a few things scheduled, so hopefully I can get all of them checked off by September!