Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Kickoff Fun

We have had an amazingly fun weekend!  Friday night we just went to bed early and enjoyed a relaxing night after a long week.  Nicholas didn't take naps at school this week (apparently he thinks he doesn't need to) and I had a couple of nights that I didn't sleep well, so we were just wiped out.  I just laid on the couch and finished my book while he went to bed at 8:00! Ha!

Saturday morning we went to work early on our backyard.  We had been saying for a couple of years that we wanted to do some landscaping around our patio and fence.  We started small and made a small shrub bed beside our patio.  I might as well be known as the hospice for plants because as soon as I buy them, they die, so I decided to get a few things you cannot kill.  I got 2 knockout rose bushes, 3 hosta, and a couple of wave petunias just because I love them.  Pray that my plants can make it despite the fact  I am the worst plant owner in America.  I also put a bird bath out that belonged to my Nana in her yard before she moved to the assisted living.  I think it was the perfect finishing piece!

While we were working, Nicholas played in his water table and wore his pirate bathing suit for the 1st time.  He was in pirate heaven!  This kid played for 2 hours with his pirates and table.  I am pretty sure he is going to spend his Summer wearing a bathing suit and playing in the water table or pool!

Finally around 2:30 we had eaten lunch, mowed the yard, and cleaned up all the landscaping things and off to the pool we went.  Nicholas wasn't so sure about the cold water, but he LOVED playing with his pirates and his friend Blake.  

Nicholas also enjoyed spending time with his babysitter Miranda who was at the pool with her family.  She is so sweet and loves to play with Nicholas.

 This picture completely cracked me up.  He just HAD to have a pair of goggles to be like his friend Jackson (our 11 year old neighbor).  He wore them all afternoon and just the way he is standing and the look on his face is just priceless!

Saturday night 2 neighbor families came over and we all grilled out and watched the kids play in our backyard.  We love our subdivision, but we REALLY love it in the Summer when we can have nights like that.  I can't imagine living anywhere else right now we love it so much.  The Payne family brought these over for dessert.  Needless to say, they didn't last long! Yum!

Today we had another fun day of Summer fun! Michael had to work :-( but Nicholas and I were lazy for a little while before heading to Walmart to get some pool toys and then back to the pool we went! We met some of our fun neighbors there and enjoyed another day of sunny fun!

Tonight we had steak kabobs and baked potatoes.  Nothing quite says America like some good red meat!  :-)  One of us had too much fun today and was just too tired to eat and just watched Mickey while we ate.

Nicholas wore his "America clothes" today.  Even though we had a fun day and enjoyed the pool, being off of work and school, we also remembered the reason for the holiday.  I am so thankful to live in a country that I love where men died to give me the right to enjoy the day today.  I am forever grateful for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for my rights.