Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Sometimes it is so hard to believe that my baby is almost 3 years old, almost potty trained, and acts like he is much older than he is.  I still imagine him being a tiny baby!  It's also hard to believe it has been 4 years since my last Mother's Day without him (or being pregnant).  I spent 2 very sad, lonely Mother's Days while waiting to be a mother.  I spent days sad and wondering if I would ever get to celebrate that day honoring me as a mom.  I have spent the week of Mother's Day thinking about those days and how blessed and thankful I am to have this sweet boy in my life.  Last Friday morning I fought tears the entire time I spent having breakfast with him during his Mother's Day breakfast at school.  I dreamed of that day for so long, and it was finally here.  I just kept hugging and kissing him while we ate because I was so thankful for that moment.

Sunday my boys made me mimosas and gave me 2 Pandora charms for Mother's Day before they took me to brunch!  I am a very lucky Mommy!

We then had some time with Michael's Grandmother and enjoyed spending some time with his family.

After we played at the park for about an hour, we went to the cemetery where his Mother and Grandmother are.  It was so sweet, but also very sad because Nicholas just randomly went up to the flowers on their markers and he would take one flower out and say "Happy Mother's Day" as he placed them back into the vase.  So sweet!

That night we went to spend some time with my mom and Nana.  Nicholas LOVES his Gigi and his Nana!

I'm always so happy when he gets to spend time with Nana.  This week we will celebrate her 83rd birthday!

I am definitely blessed beyond measure to have this sweet boy.  God definitely knew what He was doing when He gave Nicholas to me!  He is the best gift I have ever received!