Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fun Night With Fun Friends

Last night we had one of the most fun nights we have had in awhile!  Those of you who read often know we have an amazing circle of close friends that have children the same age as Nicholas that we LOVE to get together with, the Millers and Castleberrys.  They came over last night for a shrimp boil, which is a Summer favorite meal of ours!  It had rained on and off all day and right before they were to come over the sky cleared off for about 4 hours.  It was perfect timing!  Michael fired up the boiler and we had a lot of fun watching the kids play.

Baylee and Nicholas are a match made in heaven!  They love each other, but I think deep down Nicholas really loves her older sister, McKinley.  I'm thinking he may like older women! :-)
I'm laughing at all of these pictures because Nicholas INSISTED that his top button be buttoned last night.  He had a meltdown until it was done! Haha!

We have found the best way to eat a boil is to cover the table in a vinyl tablecloth, cover it in newspaper, and pour it all over the paper and just eat off the table!  We are true Southerners! 

Needless to say, I love some shrimp and corn! (and Coronas, but who was counting? Ha!)

The kids had cheese pizza and I made homemade ice cream with my new attachment for my mixer.  I'll share the ice cream and a tasty pie recipe later this week!

Having a house full of kids and our closest friends is as close to perfection as it gets around here.  My heart was full all night.  We are so blessed to have this close group of friends and we plan to do this a lot this Summer and I can't wait!

Nicholas LOVES having friends over and we love entertaining, so it works out well.  The best part of doing a boil is that it doesn't require much clean up, the playroom however...that's another story!  :-)