Monday, April 29, 2013

Brain Dump

It's been awhile since I've done a brain dump so here you go!

1. It's almost Summertime and our local Kangaroo convenience stores offer these awesome cups for $6.99 and during the summer you can get $.25 refills! Hello icees! Too bad I'll have to share mine with a certain little guy all summer! Haha!

2. Speaking of Summer coming, I'm obsessed with flip flops, cute tops, and shorts for me and is it just me or is there anything cuter than a little boy in plaid shorts and polo or t-shirt to match?  Here he is one morning before school.  Excuse the fact he is standing on the furniture or that he has serious morning hair! Haha!

3. I'm back to hardcore couponing again. I haven't been working as hard on it as I was a couple of years ago, but I'm wasting so much money buying groceries/necessities lately, so I'm back in it. This week I saved $31 by using store brand and coupons. Woohoo!

4. Our Disney trip is getting closer and closer and I'm getting more excited every day! Friday night Nicholas asked to watch the "Disney movie" also known as the planning DVD. My work here is done! He is obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean ride part of the DVD, so I'm curious to see how many times we have to ride it! Anyone ever do the pirate league makeover? We are considering letting Nicholas do it, but not sure how expensive or time consuming it is.

5. I am loving Abita Strawberry beer again this Spring.  I wish I could find it in more places and I wish it was available more than just a couple of months out of the year.

6.  Have you tried these chips?  THEY ARE TO DIE FOR! Yes, I just yelled at you, but they are that good.  Try them!

7. Remember how I said not too long ago how I am addicted to watching Property Brothers on HGTV? Well, I am and it makes me want to bring someone in and totally redo our house...and then I remember that we had to do that after our fire and how bad that was, so I change my mind. Haha! Maybe I should stick to dramas and shows like Scandal and Nashville!

8. On the recommendation of several friends, I have been using Benefit Erase Paste on my under eye circles for a month. I love how it brightens up my under eyes and hides my insomnia. I still need recommendations on an anti-aging product though if anyone has a good product they love.