Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

I was so glad to see the weekend.  I had been at the hospital as a nurse or a family member most of the week and I needed a break.

Update on my uncle: he is doing as well as he can be.  He did have a cardiac cath which showed about a 10-15% cardiac function due to a weak muscle, not blockage.  With this diagnosis the only thing they can do is treat it medically with medication, cardiac rehab, and hope it strengthens his heart enough to consider him for the heart transplant list in 3 months.  He will be in the hospital another week at least and hopefully some inpatient cardiac rehab after that.  Keep praying for him, it's working!

Yesterday Nicholas and I had the day to ourselves as Michael worked.  I cleaned the house and did a ton of laundry while Nicholas played pirates and puzzles.  Seriously, this kid could play pirates and puzzles 24/7 and never get bored!  In the afternoon my mom and I went to a shower for my cousin's fiancee (my uncle's son, Richard is getting married).  Nicholas got to spend a couple of hours playing pirates with Pawpaw and it gave Pawpaw a much needed break from the reality of a sick brother.  

Last night we took Nicholas to eat his favorite meal...hibachi!  It cracks me up how much he loves watching and eating hibachi. His expressions and excitement there is just pure joy!  Too bad last night he wasn't much into it.  He had not had a nap and was more into watching Jake on my phone.  It was also that awkward moment when you are sitting at a hibachi table with your husband and tired toddler and they sit you with your ex boyfriend from 1999 and his entire family!  As in his parents, 2 brothers, wife, and daughter!  Yes, it was awkward, but good to see him and catch up! Haha!  It figures it would be the week I am worn out, have unbelievable under-eye circles, and my toddler was exhausted and acting a fool. Nicholas did act halfway decent and seem to like the fish in the lobby during our 45 minute wait. :-)

Today he woke up with a nasty draining eye again.  It isn't red, but hopefully with drops we can keep it from becoming full blown pink eye.  I'm so sad it is draining again.  I'm suspicious his ear tube has come out on that side, because it was working it's way out a few weeks ago and his eye used to drain before he got tubes.  Guess we will be headed to the doctor if this doesn't improve soon.  :-(  Since we were afraid to take him to church and expose anyone to pink eye (just in case that is what it is) I spent the morning getting caught up on my couponing.  I have taken about a year off and now that we are planning on spending a small fortune on Disney, I guess I better get back on it.  I got my notebook out and put a bunch of coupons in there.  Too bad I forgot to buy a paper today to get the latest coupons!  Haha!

I made our meals for the week this afternoon, then it was rest and DVR catch up for me. After Nicholas woke up he wanted to watch Cinderella.  He loves the mice in the movie and knows we are going to see her castle soon!  I thought this was such a sweet moment when he first woke up from his nap and I just had to share it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!  I'll be back tomorrow with meal planning Monday.