Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunny Saturday

We have enjoyed a fun, warm, Spring day today. Yesterday was not such a fun day. Michael and I spent the day in bed with food poisoning from our salmon on Wednesday night. It didn't have any characteristics of a virus and Nicholas hasn't been sick or anyone else we know, so we are pretty sure that's what it is. After about 18 hours of sleep, we are like new people today. Thank goodness!

I started my day at the 50% off day at JBF where I scored a bunch of puzzles and books for $1.00 or less each! However my find of the day was this set of Mickey ears for Michael to wear at Disney for $2.00! Haha!  (I'll be wearing a pair of sequined ears and I'm going to order some for Nicholas with his name on them to have when he gets to the room)

I was back home by 9:30 and got Nicholas ready for his Easter/baby chicken pictures.  He was still a little afraid again this year, but he did great after we put the chickens up.  He was such a little poser and kept saying "CHEESE!".  He probably did the best he ever has for his pictures.  I cannot say enough good things about our photographer Lindsey.  She manages to get good pictures on his bad days, so I cannot wait to see what she got on a good day!

We've just been outside enjoying this awesome Spring day and it has been a wonderful day.  Nicholas has been practicing his tee-ball and playing on his swing set.  He has decided that his fort is actually a pirate ship and tells us he can see Captain Hook through the telescope.  :-)

Michael grilled out tonight and we had chicken, peppers, onion, and mushrooms from the grill.  YUM! Even Nicholas ate a little bit of it!  I just love warm, sunny days with my boys and looking forward to many more weekends like this over the next few months!