Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prayer Request, Another Disney Question, and Consignment Update

I have a fairly urgent prayer request this morning.  My dad's younger brother is in the ICU not doing very well.  He has been there since early Monday morning and will be there a minimum of another week.  He and my dad are close and my dad is having a hard time with him being so sick.  Please keep my uncle, his doctors, nurses, and our family in your prayers over the next several days.

As you know, we are going to Disney later this year.  We are considering two hotels and leaning more towards one than the other.  Has anyone stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort in a pirate room?  I'm seeing so many mixed reviews that I just can't make a decision.  We are also considering All Star Movies, but I don't like how far it is from everything, but on a positive note, the Toy Story room we would get is close to everything.  The drawback to the pirate rooms is that they are a looooooooong way from everything at that resort.  Nicholas would LOVE a pirate room, but he would also think the Toy Story room is awesome and doesn't know there is another option.  What would you do?  Anyone that has been to either feel free to give me some feedback!

For those of you who read my consignment updates, I did awesome at JBF this year!  I took 97 items and only had 2 left at the end!!!!  I've never done that well before and I made enough pay our room at Disney!!!