Monday, March 18, 2013

Brain Dump

1.  Not that it is a little warmer weather outside and I've had to put my boots up, I'm struggling to find just the right wardrobe for myself.  I've been wearing tennis shoes or my Chacos a lot because of my bad back and because it seems all I do these days is chase a wild almost 3 year old!  I love wearing skinny jeans when I dress up, but they aren't practical for me on a daily basis unless I'm dressing up with heels or ballet flats.  I'm needing to find some new jeans because my favorites have always been Gap long and lean, but they've quit making them.  What are a good, affordable pair of bootcut or flare jeans that fit well on people with small waists, but big hips?  This a pair of Old Navy jeans I found in my closet from a few years ago.  Not bad, but not as good as my favorite long and leans.
(ok, so I was informed on Twitter last night that they are still available??? I guess I'll have to check out my local Gap soon!)

2.  I will be making our Disney dining reservations soon.  So far I am planning to make them at Chef Mickey, Hollywood and Vine (Disney Jr breakfast!), and Crystal Palace.  I'm leaning towards Tony's Town Square instead of Be Our Guest because I think it would be more for me than Nicholas. :-)  Any other fun Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom area restaurants we should try?

3.  I noticed this weekend at the grocery store that I am spending a small fortune buying fresh produce for Nicholas.  That kid can eat some serious fruits and veggies!  I have to buy twice what I normally buy because he eats so much of it.  I love that he gets his sugar fix from fruits and that he would rather eat veggies than anything else!  We've definitely been blessed by his eating habits!

4.  I've had this book sitting in my closet for a few years and finally got around to really reading it this week.  I like it but not as much as I liked Jen's other book, Pretty In Plaid.  If you are looking for a funny, chick-lit type book, I highly recommend her work.

5.  We need to do some serious spring cleaning at our house and some major closet clean outs, but who has that kind of time?  One of these days I'll get around to it, or maybe our closets will just be stuffed full and impossible to walk into until we move in a few years.

6.  I'm working on adding a lot of color to my patio this Spring.  Trying to decide exactly what colors, but I know I want new cushions and outdoor curtains (which I've been lusting over for years).  I'm thinking fun, bright colors like turquoise, orange, lime green, and pops of pink.  Now, just got to find those in cushions and curtains!

7.  I had a pretty good week on my diet.  I lost about 3 pounds including a bad case of food poisoning, so maybe that helped.  :-)  I ate a small salad for lunch most days, drank a lot of water (for me), and tried to eat sensible at night without much dairy or cheese.  This lunch was actually pretty tasty!  I bought salad stuff to make at home this week for lunches and some dinners while my boys eat off the nightly menu.

8.  What is everyone watching on TV these days?  We are watching the usual: Dallas, The Middle, Modern Family, Nashville, and Scandal, but we've started watching Celebrity Apprentice again and Property Brothers on HGTV.  We love Celebrity Apprentice, but do good to make it until it is over at 11.  Michael got me hooked on Property Brothers and it cracks me up because he wants us to do something like that when we move in a few years.  Um, no thanks!  I like to watch it, but I don't want the stress of a remodel on top of moving.