Thursday, March 28, 2013

Loving A Spirited Toddler

When I was in college I worked as a preschool teacher in the afternoons and loved it. I love children (which is why I am not a pediatric nurse. I couldn't deal with the sadness of sick children.) and I LOVED the high energy and love that surrounded me every afternoon. There were a few children that were a challenge for me. They were always full of energy, had vivid imaginations, always running at a high speed, and seemed one step ahead of us all the time. We always referred to those children as "spirited" children. I always said that I couldn't imagine what it would be like to raise a child that was so spirited. Well, 14 years later I am a mom to one of those children and now I know!

I've been blessed with a wonderful little boy. He is a sweet and loving, but loves life and wants to experience all life has to offer, he is SPIRITED! He can go 100mph for 12 hours never stopping for a nap. He can climb, run, and play all day long never missing a beat. He tests me all day every day. He asks "what's dat?" 500,000 times a day usually while trying to take the item apart. Would I trade him for a child that follows the rules to a tee, doesn't have a zest for knowledge and never acts out, not a chance!
I HAD to include a full blown meltdown picture and a fun loving boy picture!

When we go out in public and he says "helllllllllloooooo!" to every one we pass while he is climbing on the buggy after I have asked him to stop and he wants to touch anything and everything, I am thankful for his adventurous spirit and his strong will...even while strangers look at us with disapproving stares. God made him that way and I love that he speaks his mind and isn't afraid to do so. Then there was the night we had 20 of my parents closest friend at our house for my dad's birthday and he proceeded to disassemble the laptop to "make it a puzzer". He just wanted to take the keys off and put them back together like a puzzle. He has a desire for knowledge and to know how everything works. It is how he approaches life...full speed ahead and full of spirit!

I love that he is spirited. I want him to face the world head on and aggressive. I want him to voice his thoughts and not be afraid of what other think. I love that he is outgoing and friendly. I love that he wants to learn about everything he sees. I love that he is full of energy! I see all of this as a gift. I pray that God has blessed him with the courage to be himself. I pray that he uses his energy to be productive and to be successful. I am thankful for his spirit and I hope I always am.