Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year Brain Dump

So, what's been on my mind lately???

1. I am organizing a freezer meal swap again and back to doing freezer meals. I made a few last week and it just makes my heart happy when I open my extra freezer and see these. I just feel less stressed knowing it's there.  I made 2 manicotti with sauce, 1 pan of chicken rolls, 1 pan chicken enchiladas, and hamburger steaks.

2. This is seriously such a fun age with Nicholas. You never know what he will say next. Monday afternoon he was in the bathtub and I said "Nicholas it's time to wash your hair" and he said "no Ichas (Nicholas), I matey". Well, ok then, we shall call you matey!  He is obsessed with pirates, obviously!

3. I finally got around to ordering the last canvas voucher I had. I got home last Friday and found this amazing canvas on the doorstep! I die at the sweetness!  I hung it over our bed and I just need to get a frame for it.  That was the last day we had before he started showing signs of his milk allergy and I am so thankful I took some pictures that day before he began crying 20 hours a day for the next 6 weeks. How did that little bitty guy get so big?!

4. I have a HUGE fear of heights and the only way to get to our attic is a pull down ladder. Not happening! I needed a way to be able to access my holiday decorations, so Michael put up some awesome overhead storage for me in the garage. I LOVE IT!!!!  (excuse the crappy iphone pic)

5. I know a lot of people don't like winter or cold weather, but I love it! Ok, mostly I love jeans, boots, and heavy sweaters. I'm also dressing Nicholas in such cute little sweaters and turtlenecks lately. It is adorable! It's hard to get a good picture in the morning, but I managed to get a couple of cute ones lately.

6. I embraced a mommy trend from Twitter last weekend. A few weeks ago a lot of moms I follow on twitter were discussing carrying a cross body purse. I didn't give it much thought because I didn't plan to buy a new purse for awhile, but Michael's parents got me a cross body Coach for Christmas and let me tell you, it saved my life during a blowout diaper change in Rooms To Go last weekend! It was so much easier than trying to juggle a squirmy toddler, poop all over him and his clothes, a backpack, and a purse!

7. Random rant, but has anyone else noticed a lack of etiquette lately? Has it become the norm to NOT send thank you notes, especially for baby or wedding gifts? I get a lot less thank you notes than I give gifts these days and it seems weird to me. Now, I may not be prompt at sending them, but I send them out eventually. I decided this year that I would start Nicholas off by sending thank yous for his Christmas gifts. He may not understand now, but in a few years he will and I hope it will just be second nature to him. Call me a crazy mom, but it's important to me that he always shows gratitude.